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Biofeedback Services

Biofeedback training is used for relaxation and muscle re-education. This allows the client to reduce their stress level, manage their pain, and to improve the quality of their life. Utilizing EEG(Encephalograph) electrodes on a head harness, as well as wrist and ankle bands, the computer system will measure the body's reactance to nearly 10,000 stress frequencies. The EPFX is run on the premise that everything is energy and has its own unique vibrational frequency. Balancing frequencies are sent to the body through the EEG electrodes. The EPFX Biofeedback empowers people with the ability to use specific reactive signals from their own body to positively impact and enhance the way they live. Biofeedback is a service that allows the client to become more aware of internal and external stressors that are affecting their current state of being.

Biofeedback services should not be provided to those who are pregnant, those who wear an old style pacemaker, or those with a history of Epilepsy.

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