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Ersdal Zone Therapy

An alternative, holistic modality that is based on anatomy, physiology, immunbiology and pathology. Zone Therapy encourages the body's own healing process by normalizing body functions. Focusing once again on reducing stress within the body.

Zone Therapy utilizes the ten zones within the body to activate the body's defense systems. The practitioner triggers specific points within the foot and this sends a signal to the corresponding organ, muscle, artery, or tissue area, through a reflex arc, and up the spinal cord to the brain. Through the autonomic nervous system, corrective signals are sent to the corresponding parts of the body. The focus of Zone Therapy is that it covers the individual in the entirety, as a whole person. A sickness or disease involves not only part of the body where the symptoms are located, but an imbalance of the whole. This is the theory that Ersdal Zone Therapy is based on.

Developed by Charles Ersdal, a Medical Doctor from Norway after he was returned to his feet from paralysis using these techniques. His research detailed documentation of thousands of case histories. He developed valuable information and knowledge about how the innate signal system works and how it can be used in this therapy with remarkable success.

The Center for Alternative Medicine in Kristiansand, Norway was founded by Dr. Ersdal and is famous not only in Europe but throughout the world. The origin of this technique was in reflexology, but Dr. Ersdal found it to be more of a signal system rather than a reflex system. It is an advanced technique from traditional reflexology. When an area (organ, muscle, function or system) is out of balance, there may be a bit of temporary discomfort while the signal is being triggered. As the body returns this area to balance, the discomfort will no longer be felt in successive treatments. This allows the client the opportunity to identify the imbalances and choose to assist his or her own body in the healing process.

Ersdal Zone Therapy is not for those with the following conditions: Old style pacemaker, pregnancy, shrapnel, breast implants, organ transplants, embolism, chemo-therapy (past 5 years), radiation (ever) or kidney failure.

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