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At Awaken Energetics, we offer a variety of modalities to help you feel your best. Please keep in mind that the work done through our office is based on energy. Our main goal is to be an effective facilitator, because the improvements in your health ultimately come from within yourself.

Reconnective Healing, Biofeedback, Zone and Aroma Therapy services are considered Integrative, complementary and holistic, and are not a substitute for proper medical care.

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Awaken Energetics, LLC

Susan M Suhr

370 West Third Street

Winona, MN


[email protected]

Hours: Open by Appointment ~ Monday thru Saturday


For the diagnosis or treatment of any disease please consult a licensed physician. It is the client's responsibility to continue any medications and remain under the care of their primary physician.

We do not treat, diagnose, evaluate, cure, prescribe, offer medical advice, or prevent any medical, nutritional, mental, emotional or psychological disorder, disease or condition of any kind.